Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wai Lana's Biography

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find anyone as influential as Wai Lana in bringing yoga to the mainstream. Her internationally aired TV series continuously attracts a huge audience and plays a key role in yoga’s skyrocketing popularity. Famous for making it easy and effective, Wai Lana excels at making the ancient art of yoga a life-enhancing experience for anyone who practices along with her.

Wai Lana is not only a beautiful and charming modern-day yoga advocate, but also a highly energetic and prolific artist. She has produced several yoga videos and DVDs for people of all levels, published books, designed kids’ products, recorded music and meditation albums, and produced and hosted nearly two hundred half-hour television programs of yoga instruction. Wai Lana is one of the most well known yoga teachers in the world today. Her daily yoga TV shows are regularly watched by millions of people around the globe on five continents, including in the United States, where her shows appear nationwide on many PBS stations.

Along with co-directing and hosting her TV shows, Wai Lana also designs the colorful clothes and flower garlands she wears during production. She travels the world to shoot her projects in the world’s most beautiful, pristine locations in order to create inspiring visuals for her audience. Instructing us from the breathtaking coastlines of California and Hawaii to the snow-capped mountains of New Zealand to the spectacular red rock deserts of Sedona, Wai Lana has become a favorite of viewers of all ages—from preschoolers to great-grandparents.

Among Wai Lana's most recent endeavors is her Little Yogis line for children. Two lively, colorful DVD workouts combine live action, catchy songs, and playful cartoons to make yoga fun for kids. She also gives us her Daydream CD and DVD to help children calm down and rest with soothing sights and melodious sounds. Her Little Yogis card games and coloring books are also a delight for the family with hours of fun and games. An artistic accomplishment in itself, Wai Lana’s beautifully illustrated Fun Exercise book is filled with charming characters, funny jokes, playful activities, and secret surprises to get kids exercising and loving it.

As a yoga practitioner and vegetarian for over twenty years, Wai Lana’s commitment to good health couldn’t be more evident than in the luscious, mouth-watering recipes she shares in her popular book, Wai Lana’s Favorite Juices.

Well known by now are Wai Lana’s yoga exercise videos and DVDs. The Easy Yoga Series is now available around the world in different languages, as is her second series, Hello Fitness Yoga. A third, Fun Challenge, targets intermediate and more advanced levels. She also has a new series in the works.

Her faithful exercise products continue to impress with their quality, durability, and fashionable designs. Whether it’s a cushy Yoga & Pilates Mat or a body-sculpting exercise ball, Wai Lana is firm in her goal to bring people the best quality for the best prices.

The latest addition to her array of user-friendly products are her fusion fitness kits, which combine yoga and Pilates exercise with resistance training to make for fast, focused fitness on the go. Lightweight and portable, these simple accessories, like resistance bands and cords, stow easily in a briefcase or suitcase to help busy people stay fit. Each kit includes a yoga and Pilates-inspired video/DVD for the most effective body-mind workouts available.

In addition to the spectacular scenic backgrounds, all of Wai Lana’s productions feature beautiful, soothing soundtracks to help viewers relax and let go of stress while they exercise. Including many original vocal recordings of her own, Wai Lana’s yoga music has attracted an audience of its own.

The soundtracks from her yoga DVDs feature songs from the albums, Yoga Music of the Heart and Yoga Sound. These are just the first of several albums Wai Lana will be releasing in the category of New Age/Relaxation music.

To the serene and warm-hearted Wai Lana, the teaching of yoga is not a business but an important service to the global community. She has dedicated her life to this endeavor, and what began in a small way has grown very quickly.

Wai Lana has traveled the world for the past fifteen years, working with dedicated professionals from different countries to produce the highest quality work in every field into which she ventures. This has earned Wai Lana unmatched admiration and made her a household name. Wai Lana’s popularity and recognition is certain to increase as she continues to make the timeless gift of yoga easy and effective for millions more.

Wailana's Biography